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Web-Based CEO Business Meeting Event for Medical Equipment Industry

Mr. Keith Ong
Senior Sales & Program Engineer, Marketing

Company Overview

Racer Technology Pte Ltd






1,800 (worldwide)

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[Medical device manufacturing (contracted production)] Main products: Aseptic connectors, disposable test kits, wearable devices, respiratory devices, blood component test devices, hearing aids, etc.


Please tell us about your company.

Racer Technology was founded in December 1988 as a medical device manufacturer and is now one of the leading manufacturers in Singapore's MedTech industry. The Racer Technology Group also has a community-based staff of approximately 2,000 people and a 300,000-square-foot manufacturing plant where we produce high-quality medical equipment. We also have a sales office in California and ISO-certified plants in Indonesia (Batam) and Malaysia (Senai) that provide significant cost savings and quality assurance without compromise.

What prompted you to participate in the CEO Business Meetings, and what are the benefits?

Racer Technology is spearheading the Singapore MedTech Consortium (SMC) to stay competitive in today's Medical Manufacturing market. SMC is a group of Singapore-based venture capitalists, manufacturers, and distributors that offer products in vitro diagnostics, wearables, life science tools, among others, at competitive prices. We joined the CEO Business Meetings because SMC has had a cooperative relationship with SME SUPPORT JAPAN for a long time. I would also like to share two of the CEO Business Meetings' special features. First, because SME SUPPORT JAPAN listens to Japanese companies' negotiation goals ahead of time and then sets up business meetings, the meetings are very well-matched. Second, there are highly skilled advisors and interpreters in place. Even when the meeting is flowing interactively, you can stay focused on the meeting without worrying about what language is spoken.

How did you feel about conducting the business meetings online?

I do think it is best to have face-to-face meetings in order to place importance on the connections between people. However, given the worldwide COVID-19 situation, I believe that online business meetings are effective for first-time meetings as they minimize close contact.

What benefits do you feel the CEO Business Meetings offer?

I hope that we will be able to start even more valuable collaborations through SME SUPPORT JAPAN's CEO Business Meetings, given that Singapore and Japan are considered to have similar business environments.

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