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New Value Creation Exhibition 2021

Mr. Sorakit Manbuphachat
Managing Director

Company Overview

SETH Intertrade Company Limited







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[Health-related product manufacturing, import and sales] Main products: Lifestyle products that are friendly to the environment and health, Innovated products for Hotel and Hospital usage, etc.


Please tell us about your company.

SETH Intertrade Co., Ltd. was founded 18 years ago and is affiliated with the Bara Windsor group. SETH was established to provide products in the hospitality market and values being environmentally friendly; providing high-quality products at reasonable prices; providing innovative, creative products; and conducting sustainable business with stakeholders. We work extensively with many hotel chains around the world.

How do you feel about the CEO Business Meetings?

We are extremely interested in business meetings with Japanese companies because they are honest, direct, and of high quality. We hope to contribute to Japanese companies as a business partner in the Thai market because Japanese products boast significant technological innovations and developments. We are currently having meetings and exchanging information on exports and imports with several Japanese companies that we had meetings with this fiscal year, both online and with the chat function. Moving forward, we hope to continue marketing not just in Thailand but also in all ASEAN countries. Many companies from both Japan and Thailand will participate in our next business meeting, and we look forward to the resulting long-term, sustainable business. The era of simple, trade-only relationships is over. Long-term success can be achieved through both parties acting with trust, respect, and sincerity. The biggest benefit of participating in these business meetings is receiving support from SME SUPPORT JAPAN Advisors. These Advisors are present in every meeting to clarify matters and facilitate the meetings. SME SUPPORT JAPAN can also arrange for an interpreter, but because the negotiating companies' company and product overviews were understood in advance, our meetings proceeded smoothly.

What benefits do you feel the CEO Business Meetings offer?

Not just CEO Business Meetings but online business meetings in general
are the best way to truly understand both parties' businesses,
networking, and vision. I currently serve as Deputy Secretary General of
the Federation of Thai Industries, Vice Chairman of the Small and Medium
Industrial Institute (SMI), and Secretary General of the Institute of
Agricultural Industry (IAI). In the past, I also served as Director of the
Office for SMEs Promotion (OSMEP). Within all of that, I felt that while
Japanese product quality has a good reputation in Thailand, many ASEAN
countries̶including Thailand̶are seeing an influx of poor-quality,
inferior foreign products. There is a sense of security that comes with
holding business meetings hosted by government organizations such as
SME SUPPORT JAPAN to ensure that such poor-quality products do not
dominate the market. Furthermore, I believe that as travel is presently
difficult, online business meetings are the optimal way to understand both
parties' businesses, networking, and vision.

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