CEO network enhancing project

Paving the Way to Vietnam with Detailed Preparations and Enthusiasm

Vietnamese Company

They provided a scheme for improving product development, while shortening the development timetable, actively using local productivity, and providing product development matching our needs. We were impressed by their keenness to enter the local market together.

AYTEC Co., Ltd.
Akifumi Yoshida,
CEO & President

We decided to participate in the CEO Network Enhancing Project after making preparations to advance into Vietnam within a year. With the help of our contacts and network built during the business meetings, we were able to start up a local company six months later.

Business Details

Machine design for automating production lines is our strength

Our main business is designing for energy-saving machines, automation machines, and the like. This can be applied in various areas such as automobiles, batteries, packaging, semiconductors, and construction machinery.

Motivation and Purpose for Participating in the CEO Project

To build network to expand locally

I participated to gain a foothold in the local network to expand into Vietnam within a year. My main objective in participating in the CEO Project was to hear about the local situation such as their needs and the trends of automation in production lines due to rising wages in Vietnam.

Taking the Next Step

Gained Trust with enthusiasm to expand in Vietnam and detailed preparations

During the Vietnam CEO Project in 2015, I attended a seminar by an SME owner who operated a factory in Vietnam and I decided firmly to enter the Vietnamese market.I was able to gain the help of a Vietnamese network after making detailed preparations and showing my enthusiasm.

Comment from the Advisor

The route to success is to be nimble, enthusiastic, have contacts and be prepared.

President Yoshida was determined to start up a local company after attending a seminar. He acted quickly and six months later Aytec Vietnam Co., Ltd., a local company was established. Regarding human resources, he visited Ho Chi Minh City several times to secure young engineers through old and new network. He let a young 28-year-old transfer to the local company as a successor, and in high spirits he said, ”I will educate young engineers in Vietnam for the next ten years until I turn 70 years old.”

Company Profile

Company Name

AYTEC Co., Ltd.


1010-8 Natsugawa, Kita-ku,
Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture


Akifumi Yoshida


30 million yen

Annual Sales

280 million yen

Number of employees


Business Activities

Design and manufacturing of various machinery and electric machinery, consignment and dispatch design, assembly, maintenance, etc.


Company Name

Aytec Vietnam Co., Ltd.


7th Floor, Dakao Building, 35 Mac Dinh Chi St Dakao Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City


Akifumi Yoshida

Number of employees

18 (as of the end of May 2016) Two Japanese staffs and 16 local staffs

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