Business overview

Business creation

Financial Support

Funds to support SMEs (for startups etc.)

  • Invest in funds with a risk of loss as a limited partner to attract more investment (from banks,investors etc.) for new business creation, business succession and the revitalization of SMEs.
  • 1.2 trillion yen has been provided to approx. 7,000 SMEs to date from funds invested in by SME SUPPORT JAPAN

Japan Global Startup Growth Investment Program

Support overseas expansion of Japanese startups by investing in venture capital funds that then invest in Japanese startups seeking to globally expand their businesses.
For fund managers interested in this program / Contact E-mail:

Venture Debt Guarantee

  • A new program in which SME SUPPORT JAPAN provides loan guarantees for up to 50% of loans from private financial institutions to deep tech ventures for their projects that require a large amount of time and funds for commercialization and monetization

Soft/Hard Support

Acceleration Program (FASTAR)

  • Refine business plans (e.g., monetization strategy, capital policy, intellectual property strategy) by accompanying-type consultation support from experts of SME SUPPORT JAPAN.

Business Incubation

  • Operate 29 incubation facilities across the country. Our incubation project is the largest with 29 facilities and was the first established in Japan.
  • The tenants of 500 companies are supported by incubation managers dispatched from SME SUPPORT JAPAN.
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