CEO network enhancing project

OEM Business Model in the Myanmar Market

Myanmar Company

They provided a scheme for improving product development, while shortening the development timetable, actively using local productivity, and providing product development matching our needs. We were impressed by their keenness to enter the local market together.

Yoshiharu Wakamatsu,
CEO & President

We proposed our OEM business scheme to Myanmar companies using our technology to prepare them for future growth. During the meeting and on the spot, we agreed on our visit to Myanmar to take the next step.

Business Details

Contracting the “making” aspect of manufacturing industry

We propose improvements in management efficiencies, by segmenting the manufacturing departments, and services to strengthen global competitiveness. The business scope is focused on contract manufacturing, human resource dispatching, and eventually entrusting production to shift from a vertically integrated business model to a horizontally integrated business model.

Motivation and Purpose for Participating in the CEO Project

To propose an OEM business scheme to companies in Myanmar where demand is expected to increase

Going forward, domestic consumption in Myanmar is expected to grow. We participated in the CEO Network Enhancing Project to propose an OEM type business to companies in Myanmar where demand is growing. We want to work together to increase and speed up product development.

Taking the Next Step

Agreed to visit the company and gather information in Myanmar

We visited the company in Myanmar immediately after attending the CEO Network Enhancing Project to inspect the factory site. This onsite inspection yielded valuable information for further negotiations. We will keep in close contact with each other in the future.

Comment from the Advisor

The main business battlefield is the local market!

Technology, human resources, and physical resources are essential to carry out horizontal business segmentation when contracting local production. The business model taking full advantage of WILLTECH’s engineering skills and procurement of core parts delivers added value, which is better than just exporting products to companies in Myanmar.A long-term relationship with the other party is crucial to create a profitable business based on a management strategy of providing high value-added product development. It is also beneficial to deepen the working relationship between both parties.They should continue to visit Myanmar in the future and, as an expert, I would like to keep supporting this project.

Company Profile

Company Name



4-3-1 Higashi-Mikuni, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka City, Osaka-fu


Yoshiharu Wakamatsu


98 million yen

Annual Sales

6.1 billion yen

Number of employees


Business Activities

OEM manufacturing, dispatching engineers and human resources, and manufacturing.


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