Business Overview

We offer a wide range of services to help SMEs find solutions at every phase of their business cycles.


Incubation Facilities
With 32 incubation facilities nationwide and two new business creation hubs in Tokyo, we provide a wide range of services to starters and infant stage start-ups, including leased work space, management consultation, and various events to learn new business ideas and skills as well as to build networks among support organizations, investors and potential business partners.

Utilization of Regional Resources /Agri-Commerce-Industry Collaborations / New Partnerships
We support SMEs that aspire developing original products and services by utilizing unique local resources across industries, which ultimately help build local brand and vitalize communities.
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Market Expansion
SME SUPPORT JAPAN supports market expansion for SMEs through exhibitions and business meeting events as well as by maximizing the benefits of e-commerce. 

Online Matching
J-GoodTech is a matching site for connecting Japanese SMEs to companies across the world.

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Overseas Business Development
We provide a variety of supporting measures including expert advisory service and business matching events as well as feasibility study. We support overseas expansion through collaboration with JETRO and other overseas support organizations.


Business Succession
SME SUPPORT JAPAN has coordinators who specialize in business succession positioned across the country to provide over the counter consultation to SME owners. We also provide various seminars and a long term training course for successors, all of which are aimed towards seamless business succession. 

Business Turnaround
As the headquarters for Japan’s SME turnaround measures, we provide various assistances to regional business turnaround support centers initiating the process for SMEs. 

As the headquarters for Japan’s SME turnaround measures, we provide various assistances to regional business turnaround support centers initiating the process for SMEs.
We support urban center vitalization efforts, through collaboration with local governments in providing loans and consultations to build distribution centers, industrial parks and commercial facilities for SMEs. 


Consulting Services
Free telephone, online and over-the-counter consultation services. 

Dispatching Experts
Approximately 4,000 registered experts to address various management issues on a long-term basis.

Talent Development
Various training programs and curriculums to address SME management issues at SME Training Institutes and seminars at our offices across Japan.

Timely and useful information provided through various tools to help resolve SME issues. 

Finance provided for SMEs through funds for start-ups, business expansion and business turnaround.

Supporting SME-related Organizations
Trainig programs / seminars consulting services to SME supporting organizations.

Mutual Aid Programs

We offer effective safety nets for micro-businesses and SMEs; Small Business Mutual Aid secures quality of life after retirement or against unpredictable life events with 1.6 million registrants, while the Business Safety Mutual Relief System offers loans to prevent chain reaction bankruptcy.

Disaster Recovery Support

We have built over 600 temporary facilities for small businesses affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake and continue to offer market expansion support to achieve full recovery by dispatching experts.

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