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The 3.58 million SMEs account for 99.7% of the total number of companies in Japan and, needless to say, they are essential in sustaining our economy.

With Japan’s unprecedented rate of declining birthrate and aging population, it is inevitable that our domestic market will decrease in size and SMEs will need to explore business opportunities and capture new demands overseas. However, the reality is that only a limited number of SMEs are engaged in overseas businesses.

We have an important mission to increase the number of SMEs tapping into overseas markets as Japan’s comprehensive SME policy implementing body. To achieve this goal, we are currently strengthening our global business matching efforts mainly through CEO Network Enhancing Projects and J-GoodTech, an online business matching platform with about 20,000 registered Japanese SMEs and overseas companies.

We also emphasize collaboration with overseas organizations to expedite partnerships between Japan and abroad through these programs, which entail reliability and credibility for optimal business matching, backed by our presence as the central SME supporting organization in Japan. I sincerely hope that partnerships with capable Japanese SMEs would bring innovation and economic growth for both Japan and countries abroad.

Atsushi Toyonaga Chairman & CEO


SME SUPPORT JAPAN plays a central role in comprehensively implementing Japan’s SME policies, operating within the competence of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) of Japan. We provide various support measures to promote growth for 3.58 million Japanese SMEs that account for 99.7% of total companies in the country. Our extensive and practical support is tailored to meet individual SME needs, implemented by collaborating with municipalities, government agencies, financial & research institutions, and other support organizations.

How SME policies are implemented in Japan

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