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EAST4SME-024•EHIMESoothing fragrance of natural essential oils produced in JapanBusiness Description: Manufacture and sale of essential oils. Planning and sales of perfumery and cosmetic products using the essential oils manufactured by our company. Technology: Reproducing the freshness of citrus fruits with our original distillation technique Main products: Hand creams, lipsticks, room sprays, and essential oilsNew products: Bath salts, body shampoos, and body milkHime-KaguraADDRESS: 393-2 KITAYOSHIDA-CHO MATSUYAMA-SHI EHIME 791-8041TEL: 089-974-5552 URL: http://hime-kagura.comHand Cream:Moisture Hand Cream More Moist Hand Cream More Moist Hand Cream Smooth Hand Cream Smooth Hand Cream Lip Balm:HK Lip Balm ILG/HK Lip Balm BKV/HK Lip Balm YABath Powder: Hime-Kagura Bath Powder ILGBody Shampoo: HK Body Shampoo IYELBody Milk: HK Body Milk IYGBeauty and HealthEAST4SME-026•OSAKA4 sizes for different purposes. Slim portable mirrors.We are a manufacturer of vanity mirrors in Hirano-ku, Osaka, working hard on 100% MADE IN JAPAN. Especially, Napure Mirror developed by our company is a patented superior-quality mirror that “Reects the real color of skin as seen by other people”. The foldable stand mirror for professional models which used the Napure mirror is certified as the “Made-in-Osaka Brand” by the Osaka Prefectural Government and has gained a high reputation.Horiuchi Mirror Industry Co.,Ltd.ADDRESS: 1-5-11 NISHIWAKI, HIRANO-KU, OSAKA-SHI OSAKA 547-0035TEL: 06-6702-1987 URL: http://www.cr-horiuchi.co.jpFOLDING MIRRORBeauty and HealthEAST4SME-027•AICHIJapanese pillows made by craftsmen. Founded in 1923.We are the manufacturer specialized in pillows founded in 1923. We have established KM series as our original brand with our experiences and technique and outgrown from a subcontractor. We are now developing domestic and overseas markets along with new markets through collaboration with different industries.KITAMURA MAKURAADDRESS: 16-2 KOSAKI, TOKUSHIGE, KITA-NAGOYA-SHI, AICHI 481-0038TEL: 0568-23-0213 URL: http://www.kabu-kitamura.com/KM seriesBeauty and HealthEAST4SME-028•SHIGA Improve on the pimples and wrinkles with New technology Cosmetic tape &Moisturizing and stretching to the skin with gel sheet with beauty ingredient entering!We are developing covering material for spots and bruises, antimicrobial lm dressings and new cosmetic tapes containing beauty ingredients using gel type adhesives with low skin irritation and less damage to skin collagen, urethane nonwoven fabric, and thin urethane lm. We handle not only our own products, but also undertake development of tapes to address the needs of our partner companies.Medical Front Co.,Ltd.ADDRESS: RITSUMEIKAN UNIVERSITY BKC INCUBATOR 201 1-1-1, NOJI-HIGASHI,KUSATSU-SHI SHIGA 525-8577TEL: 077-599-1702 URL: http://www.medical-front.com/Cosmetape Beautytape, Covertape, CovertapeS,Wakisalari Ag, NightGel Pack Beauty and HealthEAST4SME-034•SAGAWorld's rst Unique and best quality Arita-yaki in 8 domains (130 articles)World's first We have developed Arita-yaki Series in 8 domains (130 articles). Our kaleidoscopes have a global reputation, and the government presented our fountain pens to guests at the Toyako Summit. We won the “Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Award - Excellence Award” (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) and likes by 2,000 people around the globe. We also collaborate with international brands to develop musical boxes and wrist watches. We have won the Jva 2016 “Cool Japan Special Award” (Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, JAPAN).Saga Cardboard Company Co.LtdADDRESS: 2702-1 MARUO HEI ARITA-CHO NISHIMATSUURA-GUN SAGA 844-0023TEL: 0955-46-5141 URL: http://www.arita-mangekyo.jp/Arita b ware mangekyō `shikunshi'Founder of Arita ware 400 year memorial fountain pen `Some Nishiki shishi karakusa'Arita ware fountain pen "Koimari rangiku"Arita ware Sakai kitchen knife "gold color slant fancy"Arita ware "Museglass color painting flower arabesque"Crafts and TraditionsEAST4SME-036•TOKYOBasket bags in collaboration with traditional craftsmen of OkinawaUsing our strengths, planning and design abilities, we plan, manufacture, and sell fashion accessories and bag products. We launched the luxury private brand MAISON MAYUMI in April 2017 as a new business, with the aim of expanding in Japan and overseas, and launched LE KOOGEI its rst brand.GiL INTERNATIONAL Co.LtdADDRESS: 2-21-18 GOTENYAMA MUSASHINO-SHI TOKYO 180-0005TEL: 0422-26-5882 URL: https://maison-mayumi.comLE KOOGEI“Kago bags”, a brand new line of lady's fashion handbags, manufactured incollaboration with Okinawa craft artists.Crafts and TraditionsEAST4SME-038•HIROSHIMAYou are sure to feel happy when standing in front of the mirror. Easily understandable advantages of using cosmetics brushes.We are a manufacturer in Kumano, Hiroshima, specializing in makeup brushes. Received an order for and manufactured the supplementary prize for People's Honor Award (Cabinet Ofce, Nadeshiko JAPAN, 2011)Always aiming at the development of the world's rst and best products, we have produced many of rst products in the world and industry that have been copied across the globe.We have a track record of utility models, domestic patents, international patents and have a number of dedicated dies.Takeda Brush Inc.ADDRESS: 4-8-1 NAKAMIZO, KUMANO-CHO, AKI-GUN HIROSHIMA 731-4214TEL: 082-854-0144 URL: http://takeda-brush.com/High quality Cosmetic brushes made with Natural hair 100% , High quality retractable cosmetic brushes made with Natural hair 100% (made in kumano, by Takeda brush )Crafts and TraditionsEAST4SME-039•TOKYOSwaddling blanket for a baby gift! Turns into a soft toy that becomes a life-long memory!Since our establishment in 1889, we have been particular about using Japanese bleached cotton cloth of small width. We have been connected to our customers through creation of various products, such as Sarashi (bleached cotton cloth), Yukata (light cotton kimono), Tenugui (Japanese cotton towel), Hanten (short winter coat), shirts, and stoles keeping up with the times. Starting with the prompt delivery of cotton cloth of small width, we provide one-stop support to everyone from professionals to individuals addressing their diverse needs for original creations.Tokyowazarashi Co.,Ltd.ADDRESS: 4-14-9, TATEISHI, KATSUSHIKA-KU TOKYO 124-0012TEL: 03-3693-3333 URL: https://www.tenugui.co.jp/Tokyo honzome TENUGUI OKURUMITOKYO MACHIGITokyo Souvenir (Tokyo Omiyage Project)"Tenugui"(Japanese traditional cotton towel) "Hanten"(Japanese traditional short coats) A ""Tenugui"" folded like a "Hanten"Crafts and TraditionsEAST4SME-045•OSAKATurn inside out for a complete makeover! Soft blocks to stimulate creativityDesign ofce engaged in product development using 3D CAD for design, product design, mechanism design, and manufacturing. We strive to develop our own products, and offer products that bring satisfaction to users, creators, as well as designers, based on the concept of “Designing smiles”. We were recognized as promoters and contributors to barrier-free and universal designs in 2010.ICI Design Institute Inc.ADDRESS: 2-82-21-705, YAGUMOHIGASHI-MACHI, MORIGUCHI-SHI OSAKA 570-0021TEL: 06-6909-5095 URL: https://www.ici-design.co.jpEducational silicone toy ”nocilis”Stationery, Hobby, KidsEAST4SME-051•KYOTOTape stands are not required anymore! “Stick cellophane tape is just 1 second”We will develop convenient and efcient products that make life comfortable and continue to popularize them in the society. 1. Stationery and packaging, 2. Healthcare, 3. Household goods, 4. Housing equipment, and 5. Other productsHari Mouse Co.,Ltd.ADDRESS: 36, MINAMITSUKIYOMI-CHO, NISHISHICHIJO, SHIMOGYO-KU, KYOTO-SHIKYOTO 600-8885TEL: 075-325-2600 URL: http://harimouse.jpHariMouse(A Tape cutter which can paste cellophane tape quickly)Stationery, Hobby, Kids30Exhibitor Information (Posted only for some applicants)

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