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359B30-042•GunmaSemi Dry Udon-Noodle "Fuji Musume"Super curly Ramen-Noodle Microwavable Ramen-NoodleZero salt Udon-Noodle Old style Raw Noodles SeriesNoodle maker located in the heart of Gunma prefecture’s wheat district. For over 80 years, we have worked with grains to produce noodles that express the natural umami avor of the raw ingredients following our tradition of old fashioned methods. Negishi Bussan has been recognized in Gunma prefecture’s “One Company One Tech” list for its super curly ramen noodles, and received the Monde Selection Gold Award, proving our company concept of wonderful noodles that can be enjoyed again and again.NEGISHI BUSSAN Co.,Ltd.ADDRESS: 879, Fujioka, Fujioka-Shi Gunma 375-0024TEL: 0274-22-0134 URL: http://www.wind.ne.jp/ajino-udonOur fresh “Fuji Musume” udon is loved all over the world.Noodles and pasta9B30-062•Aichi• OGURA KOMACHI • Sweet Potato KOMACHI • Danish CHOCOComo’s Bakery specializes in manufacturing and sales of bread and baked goods.Our natural yeast panettone sweet bread is allowed to mature for 3 days, the authentic Italian way. This process has a natural anti-mold and anti-bacterial effect, allowing panettone to stay fresh without adding extra preservatives. Shelf life at room temperature is long, ranging from 35 days to 1 full year (expiration date varies by product).COMO Co.,Ltd.ADDRESS: 505-1, Shimonotsubo, Muranaka, Komaki-Shi Aichi 485-0082TEL: 0568-73-7090 URL: https://www.comoshop.jp/company/Como’s baked goods stay delicious for weeks, without added preservatives.Sweets and desserts9B30-044•TokyoZOMBIE SNACKS, GENMAI COFFEE, TAMA CARI-NE (Snacks)Manufacturing and sale of snack products. Ask us about making original products and OEM orders. MNH’s business model believes in the powers of Knowledge and Action to stimulate regional companies. Our motto is to “transform regional resources and challenges into money and employment.” We offer support for successful implementation of regional resources in a complete “from entry to exit” system that covers planning, development, manufacturing and sales/wholesale.MNH Co.,Ltd.ADDRESS: 1-34-1, Chofugaoka, Chofu-Shi Tokyo 182-0021TEL: 042-443-1351 URL: http://mnhhappy.com/Original product manufacturing & OEM services featuring your characters and images!Sweets and desserts9B30-069•Kyotohoney wine"Mitsugetsu"Kaneichi specializes in honey, covering every step from sourcing honey in Japan and from our international partners to processing, wholesale and retail.Our catalog features pure honey, honey jams and honey drinks plus every possible honey-related product including snacks, mead, beauty goods, royal jelly and propolis.Check out our wide selection of gift products for both casual and formal gifts.Kaneichi syoten Co.,Ltd.ADDRESS: 21, Nakano-Cho, Nakagyo-Ku, Kyoto-Shi Kyoto 604-8083TEL: 075-221-6639 URL: http://www.kaneichi-syouten.com/Authentic mead brewed using only honey, water, and yeast.Processed foods9B30-050•NaganoOrganic Brown Rice MISO (Red / White) 300gNippon KOKUSAN MISO (Natural fermentation) 500gEach of our products is made with determination and love to show our belief that brewing is an art. We insist on using the latest equipment available for our facilities to show our commitment to great ingredients, natural brewing and miso with living enzymes and cultures. Marumo Aoki Miso’s factories are veried to follow Organic JAS, NOP and EU standards in addition to Halal, Kosher and ISO 22000 certication.MARUMO AOKI MISO Co.,Ltd.ADDRESS: 2180-1, Kazamashimogawara, Nagano-Shi Nagano 381-0023TEL: 026-221-3868 URL: http://www.aokimiso.co.jpOrganic MISO without additives, made using organic brown rice KOJI.Organic and Wellness9B30-073•OsakaPurple Sweet Potato-AN (Beans Paste)Classic ANKO maker founded in Osaka in 1940.Other popular products include DORAYAKI. Akanemaru is well-loved in Osaka. We run local commercials in the Osaka area and our DORAYAKI enjoys a reputation as a famous local favorite.Our Tokyo fuctory have already acquired ISO22000 certication.Akanemaru Co.,Ltd.ADDRESS: 2-13-15,Daido,Tennouji-Ku,Osaka-Shi Osaka 543-0052TEL: 06-6779-5153 URL: http://www.akanemaru.co.jpOriginal product development unlike anywhere else, with over 60 varieties of colorful ANKO!Processed foods9B30-052•Gifu Gluten-Free "Rice Pasta,Rice Cookies, Rice Rusks"PLUS only uses rice that is grown in World Agricultural Heritage recognized regions, and processed in our private rice-only milling facilities. Certied Gifu GAP and Gifu HACCP (pasta, cookies and rusks free of all 27 major allergens).Plus Co.,Ltd.ADDRESS: 818-1, Senbiki, Seki-Shi Gifu 501-3954TEL: 0575-36-2124 URL: http://shoko-hi.jp/2015web/group_3/about.htmlAllergy free products: safe, reliable and gentle foods for body and mind.Organic and Wellness9B30-075•Osaka FURIKAKE TORORO KOMBU is Soy sauce avored sprinkleSince 1848, Oguraya has perfected the processing of kelp through trial and error to maximize its wonderful taste. The main store is located in Namba(near Dotonbori), Osaka.Raw kelp(KOMBU) has become more expensive in recent years due to poor catch, but we will dedicate to developing new products and ways to enjoy eating KOMBU. We are eager to serve our community through continued development of original kombu products and OEM supply.OGURAYA Co.,Ltd.ADDRESS: 1-6-12, Namba, Chuo-Ku, Osaka-Shi Osaka 542-0076TEL: 06-6211-3266 URL: http://www.ogurakonbu.co.jp/Kelp (KOMBU) makes good things great!Processed foods9B30-059•ShizuokaVarious types of organic green tea(Sencha/Matcha/Tea bags/Powderd green tea/Tea bags cold-brew)Enjoy delicious, affordable and safe organic green tea offered in every new style from tea bags and powdered tea to cold brew. Other farmers load their elds with pesticides and chemical fertilizers to increase yields and prots, but Hamasa is completely opposite. We make our tea surrounded by green mountain highlands following the natural cycle of the seasons.HAMASA SHOTEN Co.,Ltd.ADDRESS: 3-11, Anzai, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-Shi Shizuoka 420-0011TEL: 054-251-1515 URL: http://organic-greentea.com/Making honest green tea the slow, natural way.Organic and Wellness9B30-077•HyogoFrozen Fresh PastaWe believe in making the impossible become possible. Through dedicated research, we have focused on the development of new products that no other company has achieved. Kobe Mizho’s company philosophy impacts every level of our work: Customer Satisfaction - Continuous Improvement & Reform - Reliability, Safety & Trust.All of our noodle products are wonderful, but we’re especially excited about our “Frozen Fresh Perfect Pasta.”Kobe Mizuho Honpo Inc.ADDRESS: 2F,1-14-8,Ikegami,Nishi-Ku,Kobe-Shi Hyogo 651-2111TEL: 078-978-1137 URL: http://www.kobe-mizho.co.jpFresh pasta in 5 seconds!Noodles and pastaExhibitor Information (Posted only for some applicants)

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