Social media management policy

We, SME Support, Japan, (the Organization hereafter) are running our YouTube channel.

Management Policy

  1. How to use : You may put your message or questionnaire on the video to the site, but you cannot always expect our answer. Please use questionnaire form of our website to give us your message and/or request.
  2. Prohibition matters: When your comment applies to the followings, it may be deleted without any prior notice or the channel will be closed temporarily.
    • When it is libel or slander to specific individual, company, nation and region, or may infringe human rights.
    • When it is false or different from fact, such as leading to the misrepresentation of the others including the Organization.
    • When it is for marketing, advertisement, or other commercial purposes.
    • When it may infringe intellectual property rights of the Organization and/or a third party, such as copyrights, trademark, and portrait rights.
    • When it violates laws and regulations or may violate those.
    • When it is relating to the privacy of individuals, such as it identifies, discloses or leaks personally identifiable information without the consent of the individual.
    • When it may hinder public order or customs, such as obscene expressions.
    • When it is harmful program.
    • When it infringes the terms and conditions of YouTube.
    • All other occasions when they are deemed inappropriate by the Organization.
  3. Intellectual property rights: All the copyrights of videos and articles on this channel belong to the Organization and/or the person who has the legitimate right. Those contents cannot be reproduced and/or diverted without the consent, unless it is permitted under the Copyright Act.
  4. Exemption of Liability: The Organization does not guarantee accuracy, integrity, effectiveness and others of the information on this channel. The Organization shall not be responsible for any damages inflicted upon users or a third party in relation to the use of and reliance to the contents posted by users, or in relation to the troubles between users and/or between users and a third party.

Besides the above, the Organization shall not be responsible for any damages inflicted by the matters relating to this channel. The organization, without providing prior notice, may change management policy or modify operating rules, or terminate operation of this channel.