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We support small and medium enterprises in JAPAN. Click on the right banner for more information about "J-GoodTech".

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Improving Cost Competitiveness by Introducing a Business Management System [Awa Spindle] [September 4, 2014] (New Window)

Awa Spindle has grown beyond the manufacturing of spindles, a type of part that is used to twist fibers and is essential for the production of high quality yarn...

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Shipping Tiger Blowfish from a "Landlocked Prefecture" [Yumesozo] [September 4, 2014] (New Window)

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Support for start-ups/ new business development

  • Support for start-ups/ new business development

    We provide various support measures including consultation at advice counters and dispatching experts, in order to resolve problems related to start-ups and new business development.

  • Support for SME growth/ development

    We provide support towards business enhancement, such as responding to the advanced management issues of SMEs, in collaboration with local SME support organizations.

  • Support SMEs with safety nets

    We provide “security” through a small-scale enterprise mutual aid system and business safety mutual relief system to those who wish to be prepared for future what-ifs.

  • Support infrastructure

    We offer support in terms of infrastructure to those who wish to improve facilities, or who are looking for new sites/ space for business.

Broad network with related organizations

SME Support, JAPAN provides comprehensive tailored support according to the individual needs of SMEs in collaboration with government agencies, SME support organizations, financial institutions and research institutions.

SME Support, JAPANGovernment/ Municipalities・Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry・Local government, etc.Financial Institutions・Local financial institutions, etc.Research Institutions・Universities・TLOs (Technology Licensing Organizations), etc.Support Organizations・Chambers of Commerce and Industry・Societies of Commerce and Industry/ Small Business Associations, etc.

Accessible advice counters

We support SMEs in solving their management issues at permanent advice counters through our nine regional head offices across Japan. We also offer advice via telephone and e-mail.

Support networks