SME Support, Japan invites about 20 CEOs/executives in average to Japan per a program, and holds business meeting events, business networking events, company visits, and training course on Japanese production management systems.

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Business Meeting Events

SME Support, Japan will arrange individual business meetings between Japanese SMEs and Asian companies.The matching program will be made based on interest of each companies from both sides.

State of business meeting events
Business meeting event

Company Visits

Participants will visit four to five SMEs that are in the industrial machinery, infrastructure and machinery/parts industries,for explanations on company efforts and product features, observing factories and exchanging opinions.

State of the company visits
Company visit

Network Enhancing Events

SME Support, Japan will have network enhancing events between top executives Japanese SMEs and Asian companies.

State of Network Enhancing Events
Network enhancing event

Training Course

SME Support, Japan will provide useful information on Japanese production management, collaboration with Japanese companies, and business start-ups.

State of the training course

SMEs' CEO Network Enhancing Project