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Seasonings and processed foodsA new food containing natural materials with high dietary fiber, low calorie, and zero carbohydratesUNO-HANA Konnyaku(Soy Pulp Konnyaku)Kozawa Foods Co.Our company was founded in 1923 in the city of Mito and launched the current Naka factory in 1989, where we manufacture and sell tofu and tofu-related products. We acquired HACCP certication in 2001, and introduced state-of-the-art food sanitation management. We oer products that meet diverse consumer needs, including business products and private brand products as well as products for individual consumption.ADDRESS : 1048-3 Mukaiyama Naka-shi Ibaraki 311-0102TEL : 029-298-1710 URL : http://www.kozawafoods.jp/STAFF : Sales Director and Sales Manager TAKUYA KOZAWASweets and dessertsPudding using organic corn, bringing out the ingredient’s true taste.Corn PuddingFujiya Co.Ltd"A shop distinguished by innovative pudding artisansWe give top priority to the avor of ingredients, not relying on food additives. With our rich experience and array of techniques, as well as the sophisticated palate and olfactory sense of sommelier, we go on making puddings that everyone will love."ADDRESS : 113-1 Iitsuka Makabe-cho Sakuragawa-shi Ibaraki 300-4417 TEL : 0296-54-2401 URL : http://www.tsukuba-purin.co.jp/STAFF : CEO Yuji FujihiraSweets and dessertsGenuine handmade sweet amanatto wrapped in cute packaging.Ama-Natto (Sweetened beans)TSUKAMOTO Co.,Ltd.Since its founding 84 years ago, our company has produced amanatto, sweetened beans and potatoes, using the traditional "direct fire” cooking method. Having acquired ISO 22000-2005 food safety certification, we fuse traditional technology with a state-of-the-art sanitation management system, providing customers with safe, secure, and delicious traditional sweets and food culture of Japan.ADDRESS : 4-5-7 Shirahane Ryugasaki-shi Ibaraki 301-0841TEL : 0297-62-0375 URL : http://www.ama710.com/STAFF : Sales Senior Executive Director/General Manager Takuya SuzukiSeasonings and processed foodsHalf-raw udon noodle “Fuji-musume” is recognized worldwideHalf-raw udon,Ramen,etc…NEGISHI BUSSAN Co.,LtdWe make noodles in Gunma Prefecture, one of the major areas of wheat production. Having a history of more than 80 years working with wheat, we make noodles that have the full-strength avor and goodness of their ingredients, adhering strictly to traditional manufacturing methods. We pride ourselves on offering tasty noodles that one can eat every day and never tire of, including super-wrinkled Chinese noodles, winner of the prefecture’s "One Company, One Innovation" award, and a Monde Selection "Prize of the Jury" winning product.ADDRESS : 879 Fujioka Fujioka-shi Gunma 375-0024 TEL : 0274-22-0134 URL : http://www.wind.ne.jp/ajino-udonSTAFF : President MIKIHIKO NEGISHISeasonings and processed foodsHealthy snack rich in dietary berFruit KonnyakuHokumoukuroho Co.Ltd"Tasty, enjoyable, fun!” Our mission is to give our customers a small excitement with konnyaku. You will understand that all of our konnyaku products are made with dedication and ingenuity, which surprise you as they are quite dierent from usual konnyaku."ADDRESS : 588 Totikubo Syowa-mura Tone-gun Gunma 379-1206TEL : 0278-24-1101 URL : http://www.kuroho.com/STAFF : CEO Takeshi HyodoSeasonings and processed foodsAmazing kelp! We propose an unprecedented way to use kelp!"Irodori Kombu","Isoka”,"Hanakon"(kelp)kawahito Ltd.We do retail and wholesale trade in dried sea vegetables and processed goods, with booths at department store exhibitions and other special events nationwide. "Irodori Kombu" (kelp), which takes on various shapes when soaked in water, and "Isoka” small sake cups made of kombu, will bring smiles around the dinner table. "Furikake type salty kombu Hanakon" is a delicious new product in a fun container.ADDRESS : 2-23-3 Niihori Edogawa-ku Tokyo 132-0001TEL : 03-5243-3078 URL : http://www.oce-web.jp/kawahito/STAFF : President and CEO Mitsuru KawahitoSweets and dessertsWe use early picked green lemons grown in the fertile ground of Nebukawa in Kanagawa Prefecture."Shonan Green Lemon Cake/Shonan Green Lemonpai"Yokoo Shoji Co.,Ltd.Since our opening in 1971, we have remained faithful to our materials, successfully blending the tradition of French confectionery with the originality of pastry chefs. As French confectionery shop rooted in the community, we oer products beloved by our customers, and we continue developing confectionery they can trust in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture.ADDRESS : 1-10-5 Ookubo Kounan-kuYokohama-shi Kanagawa 233-0007TEL : 045-842-0310 URL : https://www.petiteeur.co.jp/STAFF : Pastery section Executive Managing DirectorNorikatsu YokooSeasonings and processed foodsPungent and savory taste of aged chili peppers. Traditional fermented seasoning transmitted in snow countryKANZURIKANZURI Co.LtdWe manufacture and sell Kanzuri, a traditional seasoning in the Joetsu/Myoko region of Niigata Prefecture. This natural food is made by soaking local chili peppers in snow, mixing them with rice-malt, citron (yuzu), and salt, then fermenting and aging for three years. We market this traditional regional food in an original way, introducing it to new generations of consumers. Our company has acquired the trademark and we are now the sole supplier of this product.ADDRESS : 437-1 Nishijo Myoko-shi Niigata 944-0023TEL : 0255-72-3813 URL : http://kanzuri.com/STAFF : Sales Chief Kentaro MoriFresh foodsSeasonings and processed foodsCereals more easily and delicious! We deliver safe and secure productsWe reliably provide precious domestic saron from Yamanashi in agriculture-welfare collaboration!Fudannozakkoku Series,Zeitakukokurui Series,Gyoumuyou Zakkoku MixDried SaronASAHI FOODS Co.,Ltd.Three Peaks Inc.As a maker of cereals, we use our own domestic factory for everything from stocking ingredients to the manufacture of the nished product. We carefully produce our cereal products to present the goodness of grain and to contribute to the rich and wonderful food culture. We have a large assortment of cereals, not only domestic but also from around the world, and customize products to meet clients’ needs. Our company is a new company (agricultural corporation) established in Yamanashi when a manufacturing company with 50 years’ experience entered the eld of agriculture. We deal in saron cultivation and the production and sale of dried saron, blue papaya, and processed goods. In partnership with a vocational training facility, we are making new eorts in agriculture-welfare collaboration.ADDRESS : 1317 Saishouji Fujikawa-cho Minamikoma-gunYamanashi 400-0502TEL : 0556-22-3251 URL : http://www.asahi-foods.comSTAFF : Director chief marketing executive Tatsuya GomiADDRESS : 74 Masutsubo-cho Kofu-shi Yamanashi 400-0832 TEL : 055-241-3151 URL : http://kitsune-farm.comSTAFF : CEO Ichiro Minegishi9B30-046Tokyo9B30-051Kanagawa9B30-036Ibaraki9B30-034Ibaraki9B30-052Niigata9B30-042Gunma9B30-053Yamanashi9B30-054Yamanashi9B30-043Gunma9B30-033IbarakiExhibitor information(Posted only for some applicants)35

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